CNFM has the world’s latest film projection system and equipment. It has multiple projection theatres including one IMAX theatre, one digital projection theatre and three 35 mm projection theatres.
The Imax theatre, also called “Giant Screen”, is one of the world’s most advanced theatre systems. It is 27 meters in width and 21 meters in height; the theatre houses 403 seats. The 70mm projector produces brilliant colors with superb visual power. It has a powerful multiple sound track system including a surround sound system. Audiences will have an exceptionally exciting experience far superior than that originating from traditional theatres.
The digital theatre equipped with a Barcode projector from Belgium has 323 seats. It can project panorama format films in brilliant colors with surround sound. The digital theatre is ideal to host meetings and film premieres.
The elegant and luxurious 35mm projection theatre located on the first floor is dedicated to screen both domestic and international award-winning films. It is also the venue for film fans to meet film critics who give lectures on film analysis.


CNFM provides an excellent venue for screenings, seminars and award ceremonies. It has a multi-function hall, meeting rooms and VIP rooms. The simultaneous translation system ensures smooth communication for international meetings. CNFM will continue to evolve into a world-class international and cultural multimedia facility that brings film exhibition, education and exchange into one.