china national film museum

    CHINA NATIONAL FILM MUSEUM (CNFM) is the world’s largest professional film museum. Founded in 2005 in celebration of 100 years of Chinese cinema, CNFM is designed to showcase the history of Chinese cinema, to host film technology expos, and provide a venue for academic exchange and research in order to advance cinema culture both in China and worldwide.

    CNFM has 20 permanent exhibition halls, temporary spaces for special exhibitions, and multifunctional halls for exhibition and meetings. In addition, CNFM has one IMAX theatre, one digital projection theater, and three 35mm projection theatres.

    CNFM is the result of a joint effort of RTKL International Inc., headquartered in the United States, and the Beijing Construction Design Institution. The design reflects the concept of creating a dynamic harmony between film arts and architectural innovation. This beautiful structure is known not only for the designs visual power but also its ability to provide the audience with an intimate experience of contemporary cinema culture.

    The grand exterior complex features the design of the giant screen and slanted serial structures resembling the effect of a clipboard. The surface of the building in black, decorated with an engraving effect, creates a mysterious allure to this grand audio visual palace of cinema art. The four colors of the unique vertical surface of the central hall: red, green, blue, and yellow, resemble four different functions of the museum: Exhibition, Expo, Theatre, and Services.

    The interior of the museum has three basic tones: black, white and gray, setting a quiet backdrop which enhances the brilliant colors of the giant glass windows and those of the circular hall.

    CNFM occupies an area of 65 acres northeast of Beijing, with an architectural space of 38,000 square meters. If you want to visit all the exhibition halls in the museum, you have to walk 2970 meters. CNFM houses 1500 films, and 4300 stills from works of 450 filmmakers. The shows organized by top film experts approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) present the most authoritative information and knowledge about film arts in China. CNFM is a great masterpiece achieved by a large group of experts and scholars in various fields of the film arts, sciences, and entertainment; and, it offers the most authoritative,professional and multifarious exhibitions of films and cinema culture available.

Since the birth of China’s first film DING JUN SHAN (Conquering the Jun Mountain), Chinese cinema has experienced more than one hundred years of experimentation and innovation. Walking through the 20 exhibition halls organized by various periods, visitors are presented with a multimedia experience that helps to understand the growth process of Chinese cinema through various highlighted films.
The first 10 exhibition halls are located on the second and third floors. These halls feature the film arts. The focus is on the history of Chinese cinema by portraying the achievements of individual filmmakers. The themes of each exhibition hall are the following:
1. The Invention of Film
2. The Birth of Chinese Film and Its Early Development
3. Chinese Film during the Revolutionary War Period
4. The Establishment and Development of Cinema in New China
5. Chinese Cinema in the New Age of Reform and Opening-up
6. Animated Film
7. Children’s Film
8. Science and Education Film, Dubbed Film, News and Documentary Film
9. The Films of Hong Kong and Macao
10. The Film of Taiwan
The expo area located on the fourth floor of the museum houses ten halls with the following themes:
11. Film Shooting
12. Film Art Directing
13. Special Cinematography
14. Conventional Film Special Effects
15. Digital Film Special Effects
16. Film Sound Recording
17. Film Editing
18. Film Processing
19. Film Animation
20. The Variety of Films
The expo area focuses on revealing the secrets of filmmaking techniques. It illustrates all aspects of filmmaking from shooting to editing, including film art, music composing, special effects and film developing. Visitors are presented with an enjoyable, interactive experience by being able to make their own short films and to record audio and images. Visitors can participate by dubbing sound and editing film in order to experiencing the fascinating process of film making.

CNFM has the world’s latest film projection system and equipment. It has multiple projection theatres including one IMAX theatre, one digital projection theatre and three 35 mm projection theatres.
The Imax Theatre, also called the “Giant Screen”, is one of the world’s most advanced theatre systems. It is 27 meters in width and 21 meters in height; the theatre houses 403 seats. The 70mm projector produces brilliant colors with superb visual power. It has a powerful multiple sound track system including a surround sound system. Audiences will have an exceptionally exciting experience far superior than that originating from traditional theatres.
The digital theatre equipped with a Barcode projector from Belgium has 323 seats. It can project panorama format films in brilliant colors with surround sound. The digital theatre is ideal to host meetings and film premieres.
The elegant and luxurious 35mm projection theatre located on the first floor is dedicated to screen both domestic and international award-winning films. It is also the venue for film fans to meet film critics who give lectures on film analysis.


CNFM provides an excellent venue for screenings, seminars and award ceremonies. It has a multi-function hall, meeting rooms and VIP rooms. The simultaneous translation system ensures smooth communication for international meetings. CNFM will continue to evolve into a world-class international and cultural multimedia facility that brings film exhibition, education and exchange into one venue.

Opening times:
09:00 - 16:30 Tuesday - Sunday
Closed: Mondays
Please note: The ticket Office closes one hour earlier at 15:30.
The entrance closes half hour earlier at 16:00.
Per Adult: 20 RMB
Per Student with ID card: 10 RMB
Group visit and reservation: (010) 64349100
Cinema and IMAX information: (010) 64381229
Other activities/event information: (010)64346100
Tickets available at:
Front Door Box Office: Museum visiting tickets and cinema tickets
North Hall Service Centre: Cinema tickets.
-Wheelchair and Children chairs are available free of charage at the Great Hall Service Centre.
-Tour Guide Service is available.
-There will be no admission of large rucksacks or suitcases. Provisions for storage of these items are available at the Box Office.
- Sound -Guide system is available.
Please note:
1. Smoking is prohibited in all areas
2. No pets allowed to the Museum. Guide, hearing and assistance dogs are welcome.
3. Please keep Mobile Phone turned off or in silence mode before entering the exhibition halls and cinemas.
4. Do not touch or damage the collections.
5. Do not take photos in exhibition hall and cinemas.
Visitor Parking Area
The parking area north of the museum accommodates up to 300 cars.
-Shop: Ground Floor, books, souvenirs, audio and video Products, stationery, etc.
-Café Shop: Ground Floor, A large selection of snacks, salads, desserts, cakes, and hot & cold drinks.
-Gallery Bar: Located at 1st floor, provides hot and cold drinks, souvenirs, etc.
-Restaurant: B1 floor, 562 square meters
-Lecture Hall: Ground floor,266 square meters
-Multi-functional Hall: 1st floor,288 square meters
-VIP Lounge: Ground Floor 88 square meters, 1st Floor 77 square meters
Cinema Information
Theater 5: IMAX Screen Cinema, in Ground Floor, 402 Seats
Theater 4: Digital Cinema, at 1st floor, 327 Seats
Theater 3: Ground floor, 76 seats
Theater 2: Ground floor, 117 seats
Theater 1: Ground floor, 143 Seats